Plug wires

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Sun Jan 15 07:51:09 EST 2006

All interesting observations.  As I try to get my 200 settled with some 
chips etc. I am currently getting an overboost code and engine cut out. 
(hence my other post)  Just trying to decide if its fuel or ignition.  This 
car only has 106K but has not liked to start in the seriously wet conditons 
for almost 18 months, when it does start it takes about 15 minutes for 
"normal" running conditions.  This is usually an ignition problem tell.  Did 
cap/rotor, pulled the wires and noticed all cap plugs had insulater material 
that was seriously degrading/breaking and a few green connectors. Wire 
covering looked fine.  To my dismay I also had a "wet" #1 plug hole only a 
few thousand miles after a valve cover gasket.  At any rate dielectric 
greased the cap plugs and figured its is time for some wires even though 
others have lasted twice as long.  Had an NOS CQ set from my days as a 
single man.
Pulled the longest connector and noticed the diff length, (left me short for 
connecting) and the diff Beru/Bosch PN. than the currently installed equip. 
So looking for cheapest source to stay in Bernies good graces!

From: Bernie Benz <b.benz at>
Subject: Re: Plug wires
Further, inasmuch as there is lots of
free space for extra length behind the engine, go for the cheaper and longer
version.  Bosch, nothing fancy.

Wires bad?  I'm still running the originals at 200+ and 160K.  But I never
f**k with them.  DFI if IAB!


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