91 200 TQ Headliner Material?

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Jan 16 09:38:12 EST 2006

At 8:33 AM -0500 1/16/06, Peter Schulz wrote:
>There are a number of us 200 sedan and Avant owners with the same issue.
>Problem is that even if you find a good one from a used car, its 
>still 15 years old and likely to fail soon.
>Best thing to do is talk to a bunch of local upholstery shops and 
>get multiple quotes...

I agree with Peter--and I wonder how much life is left in a "new" oem 
headliner if it's been on the shelf for nearly 15 years.

My car recently developed the need for headliner replacement and I 
visited a local shop for an estimate (we have only two local shops 
that do auto upholstery). There wasn't much trouble selecting a 
reasonable color match to the platinum (grey) headliner material; 
however--as was mentioned in a previous thread--a significant issue 
to deal with is that the liner used in the sunroof section needs to 
be a _thinner_ material--i.e., a cloth having a distinctly thinner 
foam backing--than the main headliner uses. I believe it's a matter 
of needing 1/8" foam on the sunroof vs. 3/16" elsewhere. Otherwise 
the sunroof will not operate properly. The thin material was not 
available in the same series (brand) of material from which we had 
selected the main headliner, however the shop helped me select a 
reasonably close match from a book of "Ford" headliner swatches. So 
(at least in my case) the job evidently will need to be done using 
two slightly different fabrics. I haven't had the work done yet--I'm 
planning it for springtime or early summer.

Oh, the job estimate was approx. $400.

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