smallest, lightest, cheapest part...?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Jan 16 14:50:24 EST 2006

I'm sure someone will find another winner, but here's my nomination 
for the 200q's smallest, lightest and cheapest part (note: required 
to have an Audi p/n):

  It's a tiny (5mmx8mmx13mm), thin steel "spring-clamp", weighing 
about 300 milligrams that functions to keep the end of the door-latch 
cable-housing held firmly in a slot molded on the black plastic 
inside-(door)release cover. The  cover I'm referring to contains the 
chrome (inner) door-release lever that operates the latch-release 

The strange thing is that I've had my front driver's door apart and 
back together a many previous times without ever noticing that this 
little clamp had been missing. But since the clamp's absence did not 
affect proper operation of the cable/lever, I wasn't even aware that 
the part existed! But last week--after installing new window 
regulator and a  door latch cable--I could not get the end of the 
cable housing to stay in its slot, and consequently the inside 
release would not work--until I replaced thiat long-lost clamp. 
Thanks to my friend Jim Carmody (Foreign and Sports Car Center in 
Rome, NY)for telling me about the part.

The p/n is 893-837-073 . Cost was $1.08


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at

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