Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue Jan 17 19:10:32 EST 2006

I'm at the wear bars on the outside of the tire and pretty close to the wear 
bar in the middle of the tread, which is funny as I run a little higher tire 
pressure than the factory calls for.  They've been good, but I'm always 
interested in trying out a different set of something when the chance comes 

Derek P

>I am on my second set of 950's on 2000 S4 wheels.  I think they are great.
>However I run Nokian RSI on a 15 inch rim during the winter.  Got at least 
>out of the 950's. I ran them down to below the wear bar and had two of them
>deteriorate at that point.
>Tire wear was real even.
>91 Avant

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