CV joint challenge

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Tue Jan 17 23:08:48 EST 2006

I have pulled all four CV Joints apart and cleaned them, an interesting 
procedure. Getting the outer CV's apart is an automotive Rubic's cube 
type exercise.
I have the two outer CV joints and one of the inners back on the axle.
When putting the first  inner CV joint on the axle the CV joint locked up.
I was not using a socket to push it on, so I probably hit around the 
joint. ( I used a socket the second time)
The bearings and the inner ring are able to be moved around, but the 
center where the axle goes and the
outer do not move at all. I have tried to knock the center loose but no 

Any Ideas?

I would think that the center and outer would be independent of each 
other, but they are locked up solid.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq Avant

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