Bridgestone G009's

db cornett dbcornett at
Wed Jan 18 12:55:49 EST 2006

       Mounted up some G009's 2 days ago after using up a set of RE950's.  Just happened to get a couple of inches of snow/slush/ice last night.  The traction on the highway was exceptional.  The traffic would not let me evaluate as I wanted.  My 2C20v tracked better on the G009's than on the 950's in the slush, didn't wander as before.
       Starting and stopping were uneventful, meaning they hooked up.  I think the G009's are louder than the 950's but not much.  I hear some tread noise now.  Ride quality is great (new tires do that) even with H&R/Bilstein installed.  
       I'm running 36.5 psi and the tires flat spot in the garage overnight.  They warm up within 2 miles at 30 deg F.  I'm still getting used to the G009's but I recommend them at this time. 

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