#@$!$%^ing "ultranators"

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Jan 19 12:54:15 EST 2006

Broken AGAIN.  Voltage regulator is putting the voltage so high the  
Bozo speakers shut off up front and the gauge is pegged...and that's  
with every accessory I can think of turned on.  I had to drive the  
car home 5 miles in 5th @25-30mph to keep revs low enough that the  
alternator wouldn't generate too much voltage.

Folks- regardless of how nice Avi is or how long he's been on the  
list- his alternators are built with cheap crap for components; this  
is the second time the voltage regulator in my "ultranator" has  
failed, and failed "on full bore". The regulator is some sort of  
custom widget that none of the local parts stores can find, so I've  
got a useless car sitting in the driveway and a club social event in  
a few hours I need to be at.  I don't give a rat's ass how fast he  
overnights me a replacement or how free it is- it's a huge  
inconvenience and potentially a multi-thousand-dollar failure if it  
blows electronics.

Steer clear and go OEM.  I'm about to.


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