#@$!$%^ing "ultranators"

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Fri Jan 20 15:23:16 EST 2006

Well, I guess my reservations were correct- I had a bad experience with Avi
sending me a POS "Ultranator" that was poorly finished, did not deliver the
that was promised and I paid for overnight shipping for this POS, $70 for

I've had good experiences with Bosch-branded rebuilts from my local parts


On 1/20/06, Rbade12 at aol.com <Rbade12 at aol.com> wrote:
> I recently purchased an Ultranator.
> The first one he sent me would lose ability to charge at 3500 rpm, volts
> would drop off to below 12. I took it out of the car and removed the
> regulator.
> The part the brushes ride on was very badly scored, the brushes
> were  barely
> touching that part [rotor?]. Avi sent me another and I returned the
> bad  one
> [he let me keep the OE, said he had enough cores]. The next one works
> fine,
> although it's got, what appears to be, an OE regulator on it. I asked him
> about
> that and how I'd get 14.8 volts charging if I have a 14 volt regulator, he
> asked  why I need 14.8 and I responded that that is what his website says,
> he
> said he  should change that to 14.5, I questioned how I'd see 14.5 with a
> 14 reg,
> he  never answered that. The part on the back of the alt where the cooling
> duct  attaches has several female screw holes that are stripped, a very
> annoying
> situation as that thing vibrates badly without all screws in. I was able,
> after  much screwing around, to get it solidly attached [although I will
> have to
> remove it in the future to do a more thorough job]  Avi basically blew
> this
> off. Avi's always been oddly apologetic. I get the impression his command
> of
> the  English language is limited. He says things that are odd, like he's
> doing
> a 190  amp alt for someone and it'll have an externally mounted regulator.
> I
> said  aren't our alts already equipped with and external reg and he
> responded,
> in caps with font 3 or 4 times the size of the rest,  "What I should have
> said was A CUSTOM EXTERNAL REGULATOR". He says on his  website that there
> is an
> improvement in "stop and go" performance, but, in an  email he said these
> alts
> really don't do well at idle.
> He sent me an email that said the first alt had a cracked gizmo dealy  [my
> words, I don't remember specifically] that wasn't picked up when
> they  bench
> tested it. I said, first email post failure, that I  assumed he didn't
> bench test
> this alt before shipping it to me. He hadn't  said he bench tested until
> way
> late in the communication process and I  still wonder how the first got
> past a
> good bench test.
> So, bottom line, if I had it to do over I'd skip the Ultranator. I don't
> have any more volts than OE and I question if I have more amps as behavior
> seems
> the same. Avi seems "email nice", although his "take care of my Wisconsin
> friends" schtick got old, and communicating with him is confusing at times
> [he's
> going to get "back to me" about something, I asked what and he didn't
> respond].  One benefit, sort of, to this is I'm really good at getting the
> alt in
> and out [good thing I am doing it myself as I'm sure he wouldn't pay for
> labor].
> Anyone want to hear my Blau story, or my alignment[s] story?
> Bob
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