FW: ultranators/charging

gsfent gsfent at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 21 07:55:20 EST 2006

My car does the same thing with all the accessories running, it is normal. That is why Avi promotes his "ultranator", to give us some extra voltage for high accessory usage. Good idea if it works.  I wouldn't be too concerned, unless you are doing hours of stop and go driving. I have my car over 10 years and have only done one battery. 
As to rear 12v outlet, it is supposed to switch off when you lock out the rear windows. At least it does on my car for the last 100k + miles and I have not had any issues (save replacing worn out window switches). 

From: "andyschlueter" <andyschlueter at 4techwork.com>

I have always had charging issues with mine. I replaced the stock bocshe one
with a autozone duralast because I was out of state and needed it fixed.
This duralast one seem to do the same thing as my old bocshe one. When it
get wet(all the time during winter), it seems not to charge very well. If I
have my headlights on, defrost on low, needle on my dash sits righ over
12volts. And I had my fan kick on high the other day while I was checking
out my dianostics with the heater controll, voltage is always pegged at
12.0v. I know that digital one is not accurate, but I think I have some
electrical gremlins still. Also, if I turn off my power windows with the
switch, my rear 12v outlet shuts off...may have many things wrong...

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