ultranators/charging voltages

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The voltmeter gauge as well as the HVAC digital voltmeter
are affected by the wire voltage drop between the main
positive bus and the location where the voltage actually gets
measured. This drop is on both the positive side as well
as the ground and can add up to one volt when the blower
motor is on high, and the instrument cluster lights are on.

For more accurate measurements, the HVAC must be off
and the lights off. (Reasonably accurate...its a diagnostic aid,
not a digital voltmeter)

Stick a voltmeter on the battery jumpstart terminal and select
a good solid engine ground for best results. (YMMV).

Most Bosch OEMs built for Audi give 13.8-14.1 volts. Strangely
the Bosch reman I put into the Alero gives 14.5, and the one in the
Intrigue gives 14.6. Therefore, Bosch tailors the output settings
of its regulators to suit the application (OEM customer) specs.
The Audi one I got by luck of the draw gave 14.0 volts. Dissatisfied,
I purchased an extra regulator from the parts bin (non Bosch version)
and swapped it in to the alternator, ending up with 14.3 volts.
I decided this was enough of an improvement......


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My car does the same thing with all the accessories running, it is normal.
That is why Avi promotes his "ultranator", to give us some extra voltage for
high accessory usage. Good idea if it works.  I wouldn't be too concerned,
unless you are doing hours of stop and go driving. I have my car over 10
years and have only done one battery.
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This duralast one seem to do the same thing as my old bocshe one. When it
get wet(all the time during winter), it seems not to charge very well. If I
have my headlights on, defrost on low, needle on my dash sits righ over
12volts. And I had my fan kick on high the other day while I was checking
out my dianostics with the heater controll, voltage is always pegged at
12.0v. I know that digital one is not accurate, but I think I have some
electrical gremlins still.

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