Another Blau Story

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Sat Jan 21 13:38:26 EST 2006

In addition to their phone system being a mess, their website is nearly
worthless as well.

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> Wouldn't you know, when they arrived, they were cheapo knockoffs,
> with aluminum conductor elements instead of the brass ones and the  
> bakelite was cheap/light as well.

That's because Blau uses a lot of parts made in China for the company  
licensing older Audi designs, and gets away with it by omission; I've  
warned listers about it once or twice a while back.  I received a  
replacement coolant tank which was lettered in Chinese.

If I had known it wasn't an exact duplicate, not OEM...or seen a  
clear picture, I wouldn't have bought.

Their phone system is horrendous; you have to navigate several menus  
just to talk to anyone, and there really aren't THAT many people in  
the place.  When you hold for someone, you get a 5-10 second "hold"  
and then "that extension isn't available, would you like to continue  
to hold", and if you don't respond, you're hung up on.

It's a real shame that there are very few legitimate places to go  
anymore for cheap parts; Shokan's been known to be difficult for over  
a decade, and Blau's turned into much the same.

Don't I recall them also using photos of people's cars without  
permission, with Blau windshield banners and such photoshopped in?(or  
am I imagining things?)

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