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It'd be  very interesting to know as many details as possible.   
There's  a good chance the owner of the car is on the s-car list   
(cc'd).  This kind of abuse of customer cars isn't  acceptable.

Date?  Color of the exterior/interior?  License  plate if you remember  

Sounds like it really is getting  time to get the parts+mechanic  
ratings back up and  running.

The date was Dec 23, 2005 and, unfortunately, I don't remember much  about 
the car, may have been blue. Due to the impending holiday they had limited  
buisness that day and I suspect they didn't do many S6's.
The car was just washed and from where he parked I assumed it was to be  
picked up shortly. I've burned clutches in my cars a couple times and I remember  
that smell didn't go away for some time. Hopefully, it was detected by the 
owner  and addressed. I guess at the time I was wallowing in my own self pity and 
just  wanted to get away as I should have pursued it.

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