20v Plug Wires

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 22 15:19:07 EST 2006

just read the detail in your note.  Thanks for the measurement detail.  I 
indeed have the 7A wires as they match your description (and my comparo to 
3B) to a tee.  Time to find the right ones.

>Return-Path: BenH at eeiengineers.com

>I can see the length being different from a NA 20v to a turbo 20v. As
>you can see in that picture you sent me, the NA cars route the wires
>towards the intake side of the head and then towards the distributor.
>The turbo cars (as you know) route them all straight back and then on to
>the dist. The length can't be the same.
>FWIW, ETKA lists the following lengths:
>#1 = 760mm
>#2&3 = 600mm
>#4&5 = 440 mm
>#1 = 880mm
>#2 = 760mm
>#3 = 700mm
>#4 = 580mm
>#5 = 500mm
>Ben Howell
>Engineering Economics Inc

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