Rear brake valve (91 200 20V Avant)

Audi Quattro libenaudi at
Sun Jan 22 18:42:08 EST 2006

Was that with the valve on or off the car?
  I'm leaning towards removing the valve off the car, then it will be much easier to remove.
  any help with the removal of the valve would be helpful.

Kneale Brownson <kneale at> wrote:
  I soaked mine with Kroil for a couple days and was able to get those
fittings out of the valve.

At 10:00 AM 1/22/2006 -0800, Audi Quattro wrote:
>Had the metal brake line hose pop (rusted through) near the drivers side 
>rear tire.
> One piece comes from a union, and the other goes into the rear 
>(proportioning valve? # 443.614.151 E (dont have ETKA handy) I cannot get 
>the line unscrewed from this valve. Valve has only two connections, one on 
>the pass side and one toward the drivers side. Its the end, thats on the 
>passenger side that is rusted stuck. tried soaking in penetrating fluid, and 
>still nothing. How can i remove this proportioning vavle so I can bench it 
>and unscrew line? doesnt really look like it removes easily.
> any ideas?
> thanks!
> -Leszek
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