Odometer quit, electronic version in 89 100

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BTDT I tried that - got fooled.  The gears actually have a beveled edge on the teeth - a somewhat complex cut, so really are a specific design unique to speedo application which uses a worm drive.  Model Train drive gears and watch gears will not work - not even something thatn can be cut on a mini-lathe without some very complex setups and special equipment.  Gear shops quoted me for similar application - had to order some minimum quantity in the thousands, would have cost several thousand for the group purchase of only a few hundred gears at most.  After months of going through this excercise, I had to seek alternative source.

I was able to locate a place in Canada that got me the gears made specifically for the Ur Quattro and he had others and did not require me to get them with the full rebuild kit since laws are different there.  Your price is right on considering the shipping costs and everything and this is just one gear.

You may want to enlighten the rest of the list with your source - it really is pretty good.

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  I appreciate the issue re: manufacturing in small quantities, especially if it's a precision item.  I just couldn't help wondering if these are generic gears that might be found in a hobby shop, etc.

  I'll order one today.
  Dave C.
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    In the past I have had similar questions and have tried to obtain these gears for different model speedos and even put together a group purchase for  some Ur Quattro ones.

    Basically you are fortunate to find one for so cheap - often for liability or other reasons, you can't just get the gear by itself and must purchase an
    entire kit around $100 and that is even if the speedo shop will sell it to  you without insisting on doing the repair at additional cost.

    I could go on about manufacturig things in small quantities, obsolete parts, etc., but basically grab it before they change their mind.


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    I finally succeeded in getting the needle off the shaft >without< breaking it ... yipppeee!

    It cannot be simply pried off the shaft without doing damage.  The deal is that it's a plastic needle fused onto the shaft.  Glued on top of it is a 
    black plastic cap.  The cap can be carefully pried off in one piece.  The needle can be removed by  heating the end of the shaft with a soldering iron
    til the plastic needle softens, then prying it off.  Replacement is the  reverse ... heat the shaft then push the needle back on.

    I found the damaged gear.  I believe it's the one shown on this page
    http://www.carradio.com/speedometer_gears.html labeled as VOLVO, AUDI,
    MERCEDES BENZ (MB), PORSCHE 15 TOOTH GEAR #10-013 $28.00

    $28 seems kind of steep for such an itty bitty 7 mm diameter part.  Can anyone suggest a better source?
    Dave C.] 

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