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Wed Jan 25 17:12:39 EST 2006

The shifter is the same one I did the group buy for in the spring.
Phil Rose did a great write up on installing it.
Javad's tranny mounts and snubber's have a good following on the  MOTORGEEK.COM board.
Over there you find some folks doing crazy things to their Audi's.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq Avant

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>Hi all,
>I am pleased to find that Javid @ 034Motorsports is making a solution to rid
>out cars of drivetrain slop.
>I also see a short shift kit, which I think would be a great addition for a
>small investment.
>I would like to get interest levers for a group buy.
>As I am in Hawaii, I am perhaps not the best person to retrieve and
>distribute, so I am looking for a volunteer.
>Anyone, anyone, Bueller?
>Dr. Gratz
>PS: Anyone using one of his turbo set-ups?
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