Drivers door inside

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Thu Jan 26 18:57:03 EST 2006

this should be contained in a plastic sheath and connect to the catch 
mechanism in the door jamb.  The presence of a tie wrap is your first clue 
that somethjing was previously wrong.  I'd guess this cable can be had from 
any similar typ 44 and is easy to R&R.

From: PeterBergin at
Subject: Re: Drivers door inside latch.

Thanks Peter, I pulled the inside latch off a few moments ago and fount a
metal hook on the back of the latch with about an inch of metal cable bent 
in a
V shape hanging loose on the latch.  The cable is held on the back of the
door handle assembly with a metal clip and a tie rap.  Is  this a  broken 
or does the bend end attach somehow to the cable?  My  Bentley is pretty 
on this.  I assume it is broken inside the  sheath.

What do you think?

Pete 91 Avant

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