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>From what I know, that is abolt on product for the 200 20v's. if you notice
in the picture on motogeek, that is not a 200 20v front snub mount bar. Our
cars have a seperate front crossmember. We built a larger solid front snub
mount with a larger intercooler also. All cleared fine. Also tested fine
with stock intercooler. 

Andrew W. Schlueter
'91 Audi 200tq20v Avant

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the snubber bracket will need to be customized.  its not a bolt on affair
like the smaller bodied cars.
please see the following:
install <>
welded crossmember <>

On 1/26/06, Adam Gratz <adamgratz at> wrote:
> Ok, so i blew it on the shifter kit....
> I am very interested in the front snub mount assembly, as I have seen 
> this as a flaw in the drive train design for some years. $82 complete.
> id=180
> If you want in on this buy, please send me an email with the subject 
> "snub".
> I will negotiate with Javad and report back to the group.
> adamgratz at
> Thanks,
> Dr. Gratz
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