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Adam Gratz adamgratz at
Fri Jan 27 18:56:07 EST 2006


We missed a group buy in the spring for the short shift kit, but I'm hoping
to start another.

I spoke with Javad at 034 and he has a new mount set in production: Motor,
tranny and soon diff. The snub mount is a bit of a project to install and I
think less effective than motor and tranny mounts.

*To The Group:*

Please send mail to me at:  adamgratz at if you are interested in
either the short shift kit and or/the drive train mounts:

Javad suggested a 25% discount for an order of 20 or more.

Good bye to power train slop!

Dr. Gratz-

On 1/26/06, Steve Rissler <steve.rissler at> wrote:
> Hi Adam, I saw your group buy suggestion on the 200q20v list today and
> am interested in the short shift kit.  I don't know muchabout the
> other items but if they would tighten the drivetrain I would be
> interested in them as well.
> Steve Rissler
> 91 200q20v pearl

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