Strut Bar Type 44

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Sat Jan 28 17:04:58 EST 2006

Hi Guys
Sorry to be quiet about this lately.
We test fit the one we built to both the cars (91 200tq 20v) we have 
available and it fits.
The friend that is actually building these is constructing a jig to 
allow him to build them w/o using my car as the jig.
With luck he should have the jig and another bar assembled in the next 
week or so. We will then make sure that the new bar fits both cars
and then build the remaining bars. I will try to keep you updated. If 
there is any questions please ask. I am back in school  and
I some what ignore what is not directly in front of me.
Any profit on these bars after paying for the materials, is going to 
this friend that has spent a lot of time drawing the bar up and doing 
the actual construction.
I basically was the idea person and helped in the initial construction 
for the right look and position.
( It had to be cute Bernie)
Also if you need to get more camber adjustment if you have lowered your 
cars, we built a jig to do the Igor Kissel mod to the strut plates.

This mod give 4 mm more adjustment. Igor mod was for the URS6 cars but 
it will work on ours.
If you do this and grind the strut bushing slots you can come with a 
decent additional amount of adjustment.
I ahd a problem with the PDF file printing at the right size to use as 
an template. So the result was a jig.
My friend will do the mod for $30 + shipping

This friend of mine a machinist by training, so close does not cut it ( 
would for me, but then that is why I am not a machinist)
Using the jig to repeat the process keeps the work accurate.

Take care

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