Strut Bar Type 44

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Jan 29 17:27:42 EST 2006

As I recall from years ago when the Igor mod was posted and discussed, it
only modifies the bearing plate by relocating the outer stud circle out of
concentricity with the unchanged inner stud circle and strut rod clearance
hole by the amount that is necessary to move the upper spring perch into
contact with the tower, thus accomplishing the same adjustment as slotting
the bearing plate mounting holes in the tower.

To increase the strut rod adjustment within the bearing plate and spring
perch one must move the bearing plate hole for continuous thrust bearing
support against the plate as well as the strut mounting bolt circle. This is
done in a half assed manner in the 2B mod.

Your thoughts?


From: Chuck Pierce <cpcycle at>

When you move the upper strut bushing mount it moves only the strut within
the spring, the spring plate does not move. It is still bolted to the tower
So by moving the plate outward ( with the Igor mod) and then modifying the
strut bushing piece you gain the additional adjustment.
You will  then have to modify the opening in the strut tower ( on the
outside edge) to allow the strut bushing plate to move more outward.

Bernie Benz wrote:
Re: Strut Bar Type 44

From: Chuck Pierce 

Sorry Bernie

It should have been " Strut TOWER Bar " I know better.

With a combination of the Igor mod and slotting the holes the car owner will
gain more adjustment.

Not true! The two methods are mutually exclusive, because either will allow
adjustment only until the upper spring perch is against the tower wall.

I am just not into chrome, bling is not my thing.

You might try a Puce bar.

The way we built the bar it will help and it is not bent.

If you say so.  Sorry, I recall it being bent around the reservoir.


Bernie Benz wrote:
I still resent your missrepresenting your "attachment" as a Strut Bar when
in fact it is no more than a bent tower brace. More below.

From: Chuck Pierce 
Hi Guys


I basically was the idea person and helped in the initial construction
for the right look and position.
( It had to be cute Bernie)
If cute is all it has going for it, chrome plate it or fluorescent orange
even better. 

Also if you need to get more camber adjustment if you have lowered your
cars, we built a jig to do the Igor Kissel mod to the strut plates.

This mod give 4 mm more adjustment. Igor mod was for the URS6 cars but
it will work on ours.
If you do this and grind the strut bushing slots you can come with a
decent additional amount of adjustment.
In repeated clarification, the Igor mod and slotting the strut mounting
holes in the tower are mutually exclusive!


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