'91 200 20V TQ Audi / Bose Radio Problem

gordy.schesel gschesel at comcast.net
Mon Jan 30 14:21:21 EST 2006

I had a similar problem.  I have two 91 quattros with the same
model Delta Bose radio.  On/off knob functionality was
intermittent plus in my case the preset select buttons were not
working properly.  In the case of the buttons, I would describe
the problem as bad electrical contact as well as bad return
spring function.  Both problems are fixable and you can avoid
worrying about a correct fit replacement [new aftermarket]
version.  The cost per radio was about $175 two years ago.  I
UPS'd both of mine to:
Midwest Electronics
3230 Mannheim rd
Franklin park IL 60131
Brett at (800) 562-5978 x10
Or brett at midwestelectronics.com

My preference was to keep the Audi original throughout, for
whatever that is worth, or just me being too afraid to take
chances with a replacement that I would not be happy with.  A CD
player for me is not a biggie.

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> Subject: '91 200 20V TQ Audi / Bose Radio Problem
> Symptom: 
>   A few weeks ago, the radio started not turning on when the 
> knob was taken from off to on.  You could get it to turn on 
> by jiggling the knob as you turned it on, or by putting 
> pressure on the knob in a certain direction as you turned the 
> knob.  The jiggling method worked less and less over the last 
> few weeks, and now, turning the knob (jiggling, pressure, or 
> not) has no effect.  The radio is "dead".  
>   Questions: 
>   Anyone have any BTDT stories?  It would appear to be 
> associated with the knob contact inside the radio, but 
> perhaps someone else has another experience.  Is it time for 
> the radio replacement effort?  It would be nice to have a CD!!
>   Mike in KC
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