Group buy

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Jan 30 16:45:45 EST 2006

On Jan 27, 2006, at 6:59 PM, Adam Gratz wrote:

> Please send mail to me at:  adamgratz at if you are  
> interested in
> either the short shift kit and or/the drive train mounts:

We have rules on commercial advertising, and this is severely testing  
my good will on that front.

Post ONCE to see if there's any interest. Then talk to the vendor and  
get -details- and commitments, and post back.  Then WAIT.  If you  
can't drum up enough interest, take a hint that not enough people  
want it.  Unless you have something new to say, don't post...that's  
just spamming.  It's not like your message is getting drowned out a  
sea of other posts.

> Javad suggested a 25% discount for an order of 20 or more.

Don't get "suggestions".  Get COMMITMENTS.  In writing.  Not over the  
phone- on paper, fax, or last resort email.  Not just for pricing,  
but delivery dates as well.

If you cannot get quantity/price commitments, and/or there is no  
"drop dead date"'s not a "group buy"'s "free advertising  
and someone doing our sales work for us for free".


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