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Mon Jan 30 17:05:28 EST 2006

Hi Brett/All,

Though I don't have a Billzcat shifter (the one available from Javad at 034)
I think it's a misnomer to call it a simple short shift kit. It is
adjustable and may be adjusted to have stock throws. The difference is
mainly that there is less plastic and more stainless steel and brass, and a
better weighted shifter. Net result, a supposedly wonderful shift feel.

No affiliation, etc. Just someone thinking of getting one of those kits for
my 4kq, and leaving it at stock settings.

Also, one more observation: it does not mention on the site that there is an
application for the 200q20v.

Cheers, Brady
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From: Brett Dikeman [mailto:brett at]

> I also see a short shift kit, which I think would be a great  
> addition for a
> small investment.

Short shift kits make for a)more effort required to shift and b)less  
precise action.  If the shifter is sloppy, tighten the clamp that  
links to the two halves of the shifter together (sometimes the joint  
seems to get loose, and even a little bit of play = a lot of  
"vagueness" in the shifter side-to-side; inserting a shim of some  
sort would help); if that doesn't fix it, replace the various rubber  
bushings in the shifter assembly.  If the shifter is hard to move,  
grease all the pivot points (they're all reasonably easily  
accessible), although the grease may attract dirt and cause more  
I prefer spending my money on things that actually matter, like tires  
and driver training...


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