wiring question

Kerry Griffith i2k at xmission.com
Tue Jan 31 15:25:41 EST 2006

I've had two FM modulators die for use with my iPod; an iTrip and then 
a Belkan. I believe I killed the Belkan by not being gentle with the 
wire where it enters the plug-in adaptor.
My Question: Can I simply wire the Belkan directly to the rear 
"cigarette lighter" outlet, (having chopped off the plug that goes into 
the "cig lighter outlet") or is there something in the actual plug that 
changes voltage or other parameters essential to the life of my iPod?


P.S. Midwest Electronics is who I referred to in my post for repairing 
stock radios, especially on/off-volume knobs. Worked for me.

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