Air bag recall? Please refresh my memory.

Charles Baer charlie at
Wed Jul 5 22:55:00 EDT 2006

I received a notice about a month ago:


there is also a mail-in card for telling Audi you don't own the car with 
"KF" in a "Campaign Code(s)" column.


Kneale Brownson wrote:
> I received an airbag recall notification from AOA a couple months ago
> regarding  our V8 # 1, which we've owned about five years.   The
> notification specified the VIN for the car.  We took it to the local
> dealer, where they verified the VIN and eventually got the parts and
> performed the recall.   I think this was a really old recall that just had
> not been performed on that car and AOA just got around to checking the
> paperwork or something.  Never got any messages regarding our other V8 or
> the 200q20v.  I'm assuming the recalls had been done on them. 
> Here's one source of information about 200 airbag recalls:
>  See the
> second item.
> At 01:03 PM 7/5/2006 -0700, Bernie Benz wrote:
>> As I recall, some time ago there was an air bag control unit recall on these
>> cars? If so, does anyone have any recall identifing number or other info on
>> this?
>> Thanks, Bernie 
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