Clutch job

Steve Hauptmann vwaudiporschefan at
Thu Jul 6 08:41:44 EDT 2006

I'll have to get the part numbers for you tonight and e-mail you tomorrow. There is the flywheel holding tool and the alignment tool. 
  Yea, just enough of a high temp grease so that it lubricates, without excess that can fling off. I think I used a moly cv-grease I had left over from servicing a cv.

Kneale Brownson <kneale at> wrote:
  What tools did you purchase, Steve?   I couldn't find either in my copy of Zelenda's catalog.   I'll be using them again after this job, so I'd just as soon purchase too.

What grease?  Someone suggested a dab of high-temp CV grease.

Regards, Kneale

At 02:09 PM 7/5/2006 -0700, you wrote: 
  Def. grease the splines a bit so the clutch slides nicely. If you do not, you may get clatter or squeeking. BTDT. I bought the tools from Zelinda, If you would like to borrow, let me know.
Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

Kneale Brownson <kneale at> wrote:       
   I'm preparing to replace the clutch/throwout bearing on the new-to-me   
   200q20v Avant. The throwout bearing (apparently) is squealing and won't   
   allow shifting. I got the car off a trailer and onto my hoist by starting   
   it with the clutch depressed and the gear required already selected. Got a   
   little "smoke" during the ride up the ramps onto the hoist.

   Don't see any need in Bentley for any tool I don't have for extracting the   
   transmission from the vehicle. But Bentley calls for using "holder 10-201"   
   while removing and reinstalling the clutch bolts. There's also mention of   
   an apparently centering tool # 10-213A. Where would I get these or what   
   would I use as a substitute?

   And the book says to grease the input splines lightly with G 000 100.   
   What's that?

   Any other words of wisdom for this task?

   Oh, yeah, if I find the clutch disc and pressure plate assembly to be in   
   good shape (140k miles), should I save them for my 200q20v sedan (250+K miles)?   
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