Air bag recall? Please refresh my memory.

James Miller threadlessclimber at
Thu Jul 6 14:30:03 EDT 2006


My air bag light used to stay on for a minute and then it would shut off but 
a few weeks ago it never shut off. I took the car to Chris at Force 5 and he 
went through and tested everything he could--(switched out air bag--spring 
and a few other things) he doesn't have a computer to plug into the 
system--so that is the next step.
But more to the point--is one of the guys he has working for him just got a 
200 20v and he was sent a recall notice. He is looking for the paper work. I 
called my local dealer and they said I had no recalls on my car (I have all 
the paper work from the p.o. so I'll be going through that).
Has anyone had a similar experience with the light staying on? Is there a 

thanks for your time,
James with an audi 200 that he wishes wouldn't turn on the red light

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