Air bag recall? Please refresh my memory.

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Thu Jul 6 15:57:10 EDT 2006


I¹m just going thru the same problem with a friend¹s 200-20V, AB light stays

First, local dealer will not have access to old, ¹97 AoA recall records
without special digging and will initially only come up with ³no current
outstanding recalls on your car² but he can not tell you with certainty that
the recall has or not been done on your car.

You must give your Service Manager the recall code, ³KF² and the recall date
³10/06/1997³ along with your VIN number and demand that he dig into AoA
records for the answer. Did so for me, car had been AB updated in Œ97.
Here's one source of information about 200 recalls:
See the second item. (Thanks, Kneale Brownson)

So, as yet I still don¹t have an answer to the always on AB warning light.

Good luck, Bernie

> From: "James Miller" <threadlessclimber at>
> Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2006 14:30:03 -0400
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> Subject: Re: Air bag recall? Please refresh my memory.
> Hello,
> My air bag light used to stay on for a minute and then it would shut off but
> a few weeks ago it never shut off. I took the car to Chris at Force 5 and he
> went through and tested everything he could--(switched out air bag--spring
> and a few other things) he doesn't have a computer to plug into the
> system--so that is the next step.
> But more to the point--is one of the guys he has working for him just got a
> 200 20v and he was sent a recall notice. He is looking for the paper work. I
> called my local dealer and they said I had no recalls on my car (I have all
> the paper work from the p.o. so I'll be going through that).
> Has anyone had a similar experience with the light staying on? Is there a
> cure?
> thanks for your time,
> James with an audi 200 that he wishes wouldn't turn on the red light
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