Hard start, cold start problem, rough idle...now Idle Switch/MAF Code

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 6 16:14:31 EDT 2006


The Idle Switch is on the throttle body.  Not sure exactly where the speed 
sensor is, but I think on the tranny by the flywheel?

If you have the Idle Switch, after I do a bit more troubleshooting, may want 
to look at getting that from you.

Derek P

>I have a spare (nearly new) that you can try?
>You are talking about the one on the throttle butterfly?
>cheers, Mike
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>Isn't the speed sensor one that will also throw a fault code if it goes
>   When people have had them fail, has that happened...ie get a speed
>sensor fault when that's attributed to running problems in the car?
>Just got a quote from SJM for the idle switch...only available through
>Audi for the ever so reasonable sum of just under $400.
>Anybody have an extra speed sensor they want to loan out for the sake of
>Derek P

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