Air bag recall? Please refresh my memory.

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Jul 6 17:42:04 EDT 2006

At 12:57 PM -0700 7/6/06, Bernie Benz wrote:
>I'm just going thru the same problem with a friend's 200-20V, AB light stays
>First, local dealer will not have access to old, '97 AoA recall records
>without special digging and will initially only come up with "no current
>outstanding recalls on your car" but he can not tell you with certainty that
>the recall has or not been done on your car.

FWIW, the airbag light-ON problem is sometimes (always?) been noted 
to start _after_ the KF recall work has been done. That was the case 
with my car according to the PO. In any event, the airbag fault can 
be easily reset with VAG-Com. This was done for my car a couple years 
ago and it solved the AB light problem--until last month. I don't 
know what event causes the AB light issue to return, but I'll just 
have another reset done with VAG-Com to "cure" it for a while. In my 
car, the light stays on for about 2-2.5 minutes after each engine 

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