Replacing the 200-20V Delta Bose head unit, retaining stock Bose speakers.

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Thu Jul 6 21:03:01 EDT 2006

Hi Chris, here¹s an addition for your web site.

I recently BTDT for a friend¹s 60K (even smells new) 200Q-20V. Details

A Blaupunkt head unit(HU) is the easiest replacement HU to wire, inasmuch as
the connector blocks and individual pins match the Audi harness connectors.
The new HU line outs will drive the stock Bose amplified speakers OK but the
switching transients from on/off and band switching from an after market HU
are not suppressed and sound like they will turn the speakers inside out.
BTTT! So forget trying to use the line outs to drive the Bose speaker amps.
Rather, use the new head unit amps to drive the Bose speakers directly,
bypassing the individual speaker amps. This can be done without running
additional wires from the HU to the speakers, by using the existing two wire
shielded inputs to the Bose amps. Details below.

The Bentley pg 951 diagram is incorrect for the Delta Bose(DB)amped speaker
system, (pg 201,202 is more nearly correct for the original DB wiring, wire
colors are therein correct) but pg 951 will become correct when the new HU
amps are wired directly to the speakers as follows:

These shielded pair wires, starting at the 10 pin DB HU line and data
out(red T10f)connector are transferred to a new T8d connector (supplied with
the new Blaupunkt HU, not used in the DB system), either by splicing wires
or easier, moving pins from T10f to the new T8d.

A cut paper clip makes a good pin release tool if cut such that it is a
single U shape. The U legs must be exactly the same length and have
square(not tapered, dyke cut)ends. The tool legs are pushed down either side
of the pin from the front side to simultaneously release the two pin
retaining tangs, while pushing the pin upward from the back side into the
tool, the thus released pin can then be pulled out from the connector block.

The rear amps were bypassed and de energized by unplugging the connector on
the speaker housing and removing the two signal pins from the harness side
of the connector. These wires with pins attached are long enough and the
pins are suitable to go directly onto the in situ speaker terminals, all
this being visible and doable from within the trunk. Easy!

The front in door speakers require removing and opening the DB speaker
boxes. Inside, remove the header connector to the amp board and jumper the
connector pins to go directly to the speaker. Simple, but door panel R&R is
more time consuming.

Lastly, a great upgrade is to move 2 pins in the power harness connector,
T8e, such that the HU is powered when the Ign is on but remains on until the
key is removed from the lock. You no longer need to shut off the radio, just
remove the key. Move the +B 30 from pin position 7 to position 4 and tap Ign
Sw terminal 86s to position 7. IS 86s is most easily tapped at the Interior
Light Control Unit #3 Aux relay panel, (pg 557) pin 7/86s.

I used the Blaupunkt Syacuse MP35, new on eBay for $60. because it is a good
color match to the 200Œs red instrument lighting.  Any other current
Blaupunkt will also do the job. Further, HU lighting level is controlled by
instrument lighting.


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