Air bag recall? Please refresh my memory.

Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri Jul 7 23:39:34 EDT 2006

At 12:54 PM -0600 7/7/06, Ed Kellock wrote:
>There's always the possibility of that corroded/oxidized battery cable
>splice in the passenger footwell.

Yes, I always keep that potential problem area in mind. It's amazing 
how many experienced Audi techs have never heard of that splice 
situation. It checked out OK the last time I checked but that was 
several years ago. Tomorrow I will put a meter on the battery 
terminals and see what the charging voltage is there. Anyway, today I 
installed a new (Interstate MTP-91) battery and found that the CC 
diagnostic charging voltage (under various loads) ran much higher and 
closer to expected than when operating with the old battery. Actually 
the reason for my problem might have been something as simple as 
corroded battery terminals. But rather than just try to clean the 
contacts and charge the old (and very dead) battery, I figured it was 
time for a new battery anyway. Although an expensive way to get clean 
battery contacts (hah!), the new battery has a significantly higher 
capacity and better guarantee. Hopefully I will not have to deal with 
the splice issue...


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