Resetting Air Bag fault indicator light w Vag-Com, was AB recall

TooManyAudis at TooManyAudis at
Sat Jul 8 10:02:22 EDT 2006

There is an adapter that works with Vagcom for our older (pre 1996)  
interfaces.  Works with both the engine interface, as well as the Airbag  interface.
_VAS  5051/2 "2x2" Adapter for Older Cars: Ross-Tech Store_ 
Bought mine off ebay a couple of years ago.  Works with the  unregistered 
version of Vagcom, that has just the basic features.  While  you're on ebay, you 
may want to get a crowbar to break into that wallet of yours  so you can come 
up with the $50 or so for the cable and adapter, but you'll find  it's well 
worth the investment.  
Keep checking on ebay, or I will include it for free for whoever buys my  
200q20v (cheap, some disassembly and reassembly required)
_Audifans  Marketplace | 1991 200q20v_ 
-- Tom
1991 200q20v for sale
1988 80q still soldiering on

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