Resetting Air Bag fault indicator light w Vag-Com, was AB recall

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OK Guys,  I found my never used Ross Tech OBD2 to 2x2 interface cable for 
these old cars  and son Dean is bringing down his Vag-Com this afternoon. I¹ll 
tear into the  center console to find the AB 2x2 receptacle. Anyone have VC AB 
reset  instructions? Hooked up now what?

Thanks, Bernie 
If memory serves correct, just take the panel off on the driver side -- I  
think there is one screw to remove the topmost carpeted segment.  Then,  you'll 
need to fish around to find the leads.  Probably under the Air Bag  Controller.
The precise location of the carpeted segment can be seen in the interior  
picture of my 91 200q on the market:  
_Audifans  Marketplace | 1991 200q20v_ 
Look through the bottom portion of the steering wheel.  The brown  portion 
where your right knee would be is that portion of the carpet I removed  to reset 
the AB light.
Hook them up the same way you would the engine I/O ports, turn the engine  on 
and, I believe, go to the airbag tab on Vag Com, read the fault codes, then  
clear them.
Let me know if you need more precise directions, and I will do a run  through 
on my car and report back to you.
-- Tom

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