throwout bearing question

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Sun Jul 9 03:06:08 EDT 2006

I've got a 91 200q with a bad throwout bearing.  I've put off fixing  the car 
because a) it's a bitch of a job to replace and b) the whole clutch  
replacement thing is pretty expensive.
Has anybody ever replaced the throwout bearing without doing the clutch at  
the same time?  I'm pretty sure it's original at 248k, but there was no  
slippage prior to the throwout bearing going, and I am not excited about the  
thought of going back in there in a few months should the clutch really need to  be 
replaced then.
I miss driving the car, and would sell it as is (it's listed in the  
marketplace), but would most likely keep it if I could get it back to working  
condition for not much more than my labor, blood, curses and other offerings to  the 
Audi Gods.
Any thoughts, Buyers, Offers of business loans to make this a  non-issue?
-- Tom
Charleston, SC
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