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Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Jul 9 10:27:09 EDT 2006

If the car has been driven reasonably over the years, not using the clutch
as a torque converter and it wasn¹t slipping, it may be good for some long
time yet. Inspect it. FLikely the flywheel and PP should be good without
resurfacing. Some shops can replace the friction surfaces on a good disk.


> From: TooManyAudis at
> I've got a 91 200q with a bad throwout bearing.  I've put off fixing  the car
> because a) it's a bitch of a job to replace and b) the whole clutch
> replacement thing is pretty expensive.
> Has anybody ever replaced the throwout bearing without doing the clutch at
> the same time?  I'm pretty sure it's original at 248k, but there was no
> slippage prior to the throwout bearing going, and I am not excited about the
> thought of going back in there in a few months should the clutch really need
> to be replaced then.
> I miss driving the car, and would sell it as is (it's listed in the
> marketplace), but would most likely keep it if I could get it back to working
> condition for not much more than my labor, blood, curses and other offerings
> to  the 
> Audi Gods.
> Any thoughts, Buyers, Offers of business loans to make this a  non-issue?
> -- Tom
> Charleston, SC
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