Clutch replacement. was: throwout bearing question

CL Wong montesawong at
Sun Jul 9 21:23:38 EDT 2006

The clutch was one of the biggest worries for me in my
last 6-7 years of ownership.

My clutch was recently slipping every once in a long
while and the clutch pedal was getting really tough to
push.  A fellow lister said it was much heavier than
his new to him S6 and the difference between my car
and the brand new BMWs and Minis the wife brought home
from work was like night and day.

I contacted lister Bill Ferdon who has done more than
a few 20020v clutches and his opinion is to put the
car up once and be done with it.  So I waited about
1.5 years before bringing her in.

The following items were replaced during the weeks he
had my car:

release bearing guide, 
shifter link rod, 
rear crankshaft seal, 
drive axle seal, 
parking brake cables, 
trans mounts, 
sub frame mounts, 
front and rear control arm bushings,
swaybar bushings, 
L and R toe end links, 
new drive belts,
wheel alignment (freed up the toe adjusters, glass
bead blasted and painted them),
clean and repacked CV joints

Yes, I spent about 1/2 of my car's resale value doing
all this work.  But my car went from a rattly old audi
to a tight newish car with a feather-light clutch.  I
always thought old german cars were supposed to have
heavy clutches but Bill proved me wrong.

Unfortunately, the wife is still pressuring me to get
rid of this 'piece of junk' for an employee lease.  



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