Clutch replacement. was: throwout bearing question

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Once you have the transmission off, replace the clutch,
it will be much lighter than before.

And while the clutch is off, replace the rear engine seal,
since you will have access to it.

I have had the same decisions to make over and over,
how much money do you spend on a car that is only
worth a few thousand at most. I replaced the clutch
one year ago, and now it looks like the muffler
may need to be replaced in the near future.

My most recent adventure was a complete transmision 
replacement with a used transmission.

My wife cannot see why I continue to put money
into what see sees a one big moving sinkhole,
that also continues to suck up gobs of my free time,


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> My clutch was recently slipping every once in a long
> while and the clutch pedal was getting really tough to
> push.  A fellow lister said it was much heavier than
> his new to him S6 and the difference between my car
> and the brand new BMWs and Minis the wife brought home
> from work was like night and day.

>> to a tight newish car with a feather-light clutch.  I
> always thought old german cars were supposed to have
> heavy clutches but Bill proved me wrong.

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