Resetting Air Bag fault indicator light w Vag-Com, was AB recall

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Mon Jul 10 12:45:48 EDT 2006

Doesn't having the light on mean the airbag will not function?

At 08:44 AM 7/10/2006 -0700, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Well, I swapped cars and have mine back. Checked it for the AB 2x2 interface
>connectors. No where to be found in that rat¹s nest, short of taking the
>center console all apart to remove the air ducts to the back seat. Anyone
>else that could check their AB 2x2 white connector, one or two wires in it?
>I am about to give up on this and just remove the AB error bulb in friend¹s
>car, installing it in the Check Engine position.
>Thanks guys, 
>Thanks, Tom.
>Hooked up the VC to the ECU and cleared the error codes to be sure all was
>well with the set up, then moved the VC to the AB terminals. The VC
>recognized that it was seeing a controller but could not download anything.
>Noticed that the white connector had only one wire to it, should be two,
>send and receive? Will dig into this. Will swap this car back to the owner
>and retrieve mine and check it for one or two wires in this white connector.
>Last resort will be to pull the AB error bulb.
>More later, Bernie 
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>OK Guys, I found my never used Ross Tech OBD2 to 2x2 interface cable for
>these old cars and son Dean is bringing down his Vag-Com this afternoon.
>I¹ll tear into the center console to find the AB 2x2 receptacle. Anyone have
>VC AB reset instructions? Hooked up now what?
>Thanks, Bernie 
>If memory serves correct, just take the panel off on the driver side -- I
>think there is one screw to remove the topmost carpeted segment.  Then,
>you'll need to fish around to find the leads.  Probably under the Air Bag
>The precise location of the carpeted segment can be seen in the interior
>picture of my 91 200q on the market:
>Audifans Marketplace | 1991 200q20v
>Look through the bottom portion of the steering wheel.  The brown portion
>where your right knee would be is that portion of the carpet I removed to
>reset the AB light.
>Hook them up the same way you would the engine I/O ports, turn the engine on
>and, I believe, go to the airbag tab on Vag Com, read the fault codes, then
>clear them.
>Let me know if you need more precise directions, and I will do a run through
>on my car and report back to you.
>-- Tom
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