Clutch replacement. was: throwout bearing question

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Mon Jul 10 13:19:50 EDT 2006

I can't say much about the free time thing, but how much money would a
similar replacement car be?  Seems to me that replacing the clutch,
even for a grand, is cheaper than 2 or 3 months of car
payments/registration/insurance for anything else worth driving.  It's
just a bump in the road, think of it as an irregular car payment.  But
if you don't like the uncertainty of what might else might break next,
which it will, then there's always the alternative of getting
something much younger and less likely to break something.

If I had a throwout bearing, would replace the clutch and rear main
seal too, just like the others said.  I did this with my 5kcstq when
the bearing went out.  I also bought my 200q20v with a bad tranny and
put in all that new stuff when I installed a used tranny.  Yeah stuff
breaks, but not too often will the same part break again soon.  I
slowly upgrade my car, and it gets "better" each time.  It helps if
you have something else to drive while it's being fixed or to take you
to the parts store, etc.  When the car is right, it's so nice!

Right now I'm dealing with a battery drain issue.  If I park it for a
week, it kills the battery.  This is on a new battery, and I
disconnected the power door lock portion of the alarm that seemed to
energize some relays when connected to the battery, key and alarm off.
 That wasn't it, so now I'm suspecting the alarm itself.  There's a
handful of other things wrong with it that I haven't yet addressed,
but I still love the car.  I have a bunch of upgrades to put on it
that are "worth" the value of the car many times over.  But the whole
is even greater than the sum of the parts, IMHO.



"alan cordeiro" <alancordeiro at>
> Tom,
> Once you have the transmission off, replace the clutch,
> it will be much lighter than before.
> And while the clutch is off, replace the rear engine seal,
> since you will have access to it.
> I have had the same decisions to make over and over,
> how much money do you spend on a car that is only
> worth a few thousand at most. I replaced the clutch
> one year ago, and now it looks like the muffler
> may need to be replaced in the near future.
> My most recent adventure was a complete transmision
> replacement with a used transmission.
> My wife cannot see why I continue to put money
> into what see sees a one big moving sinkhole,
> that also continues to suck up gobs of my free time,
> Alan

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