non workin radio

Henry A Harper III hah at
Tue Jul 11 00:00:30 EDT 2006

> i have an aftermarket radio which came with the car
> when i bought it. it worked fine, for about lamost a
> year and a half, until the other day when it stopped
> working. It still turns on and has all normal
> functions (can raise and lower the volume, switch
> stations etc.) but absolutely no noise comes out of
> the speakers. The weird thing is that when i go to
> turn the radio on (or  it might even be when i turn
> the car on) the red light for the outside temp on the
> climate control blinks about 10-15 times then goes
> away. Is this some sort of code. Im guessin it might
> be a relay because when i turn the radio on, i hear a
> click comin from somewherenear the steering wheel. any
> ideas what it could fun as it is, im tired of
> listening to other peoples music while im sittin in
> traffic.
> thanks

Blinking outside temp light is an indication you need to pull climate
control codes to find the error indicated:

Aftermarket radio with stock speakers (sedan?) may indicate some sort of
impedance-matching adapter that perhaps has given up.

Could be whoever "installed" your radio attached a wire to something in the
climate control harness where "perhaps" they should not have.

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