[V8] Black 200 20-valve in Maine

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 19:09:25 EDT 2006

Just loaded up my silver Avant for camping this past weekend.  Big tent,
sleeping bags, food,
coolers, copious er uhm beverages, dog, and girlfriend (not in any
particular order of importance)
and completed just over 100 miles of mixed-but-mostly-interstate driving in
about an hour and 20 minutes.

After I had returned home and was unloading everything I noticed a new
coolant leak.  Yea.
I think these things come in 2's or 3's.

Are there any hoses that are right near the front of the engine which could
leak and masquerade
as a water pump leak if the nose of the car was slight downhill?  (please!)

Oh and after 5 months I was finally able to get it properly registered
My credit union has been very patient.

230,860 miles and counting.


On 7/11/06, Roger M. Woodbury <rmwoodbury at adelphia.net> wrote:
> Well, it could've been me.
> Yesterday I left here in the early am and went down the coast to Wiscasset
> and then further down Route 1 to a meeting in South Portland.
> Not sure if I stopped in a dirt parking lot, but I did travel through that
> way, over the big new bridge past Bath Iron Works, and stopped at a
> McYuk's
> in Bath, before proceeding to Portland.  I was passing though Bath just
> about noonish.
> It was a 400 mile day in the Black Mariah.  Aside from still waiting
> arrival
> of its new Stebro exhaust, the car runs like velvet.  LOTS of power and
> fuel
> mileage right now, on medium grade gasoline, around 24, and I am not being
> particularly gentle with the right foot.
> 164,600 miles and counting.
> Roger

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