downpipe nuts removed

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Wed Jul 12 19:15:05 EDT 2006

Finally got that fourth nut off the downpipe at the turbo.  Turns out that
while the other three are 17mm nuts, this one was a 15mm.   I broke it
loose with a crowsfoot and took it off with a 15 mm stubby, one 1/16th
painful turn at a time.   So now I can drop the exhaust and start figuring
out whatever problem will stand in the way next on the clutch job.

BTW, I bought a set of "half moon" boxend wrenches that include two ends
with 12mm and two with 14, but no 15.  A 15 halfmoon would have made the
short turns a bit less painful.  No faster, probably, but a bit less
contortioning of an old wrist.

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>>From: "Kneale Brownson" <kneale at>
>>> What's the secret to getting that last @#$%^%$#@  nut holding the downpipe
>>> on?  You know the one I mean, the one on the underside closest to the
>>> engine.  

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