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Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sat Jul 15 11:20:47 EDT 2006

Bentley described Audi AB box for this is #1619. If you¹ve been following
recent posts on this list on this subject you may understand that the
VAG-Com would not communicate with the AB controller, maybe because the 2x2
interface connector only had 3 wires to it in one case, another case the 2x2
could not be found in the console rats nest. My solution was to remove the
bulb (and use it in the void CE position). Rational being, who cares, a 16
year AB probably won¹t work anyway.


> From: "James Miller" <threadlessclimber at>
> Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 10:15:33 -0400
> To: 200q20v at
> Subject: airbag reset
> Hello,
> Anyone know of a shop or have the correct tool to reset the airbag light?
> The two shops that I go to do not have it and the dealer doesn't like to
> answer the phone. I've been told it is the 1620 (?).
> I'm located in New Hampshire.
> I'm trying this message again because my first attempt is waiting for
> approval from the administrator and I'm wondering if it's because of where I
> sent the message from.
> Thanks for your time,
> James Miller
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