Rear window AM antenna connection tab broke off from windowtraces, SOLVED

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sat Jul 15 17:31:48 EDT 2006

After a little more searching I did find references to soft solder repair,
replacing the broken off connection tabs on rear window defroster and
antenna connections, so went for it. Simple and easy fix! I found a large
flat tip for my 55W pencil iron, cleaned and tinned both sides (for fast
heat transfer) of the two mounting legs of the tab terminal. With a smige of
soldering paste on the interface side of the legs, and holding the tab with
long nose pliers, swetted each foot to the circuit pad on the glass with
less that 30 sec. of applied heat. Resulting in a good solid connection.

I¹m wondering If some of my past unsolvable AM reception problems with
window antennas may have been caused by hidden poor window connections?


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