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Kenneth Keith auditude at
Mon Jul 17 14:55:18 EDT 2006

Well, I think what happened was that it was loose and hanging outside
the car and I ran over it and yanked it the heck out.  I thought it
was the OEM cell phone cable, or some of the other funky aftermarket
stuff that the P.O. put in the car (like a rear license plate frame
with a cheesy parking sensor) but it wasn't, I think.

There's a Hirschmann spiral antenna on the passenger rear fender that
might be a radio antenna, but I think it's the cell phone one.  I
thought the loose cable was for that so I wanted to yank it all out
(but the damn cell phone box is locked in the corner of the trunk and
I don't have a key).  I was working on the car and didn't realize the
cable was hanging out, then then after I drove over it, it wasn't
hanging out anymore.  Then I lost FM and realized it wasn't the cell
phone one after all.  I could be wrong, but it really seems like the
rear radio antenna cable is what is gone.  This was on the passenger
side of the car, by the way.

I think I have the front antenna hooked up right now, but when I went
to the Grand Canyon last week I couldn't tune into the AM information
station.  I recently fixed (replaced) my broken horn, and I want to
fix the rest of the nagging issues the car has such as the lack of AM

I have an aftermarket Fuba roof antenna that I have considered putting
on the rear fender since I have a hole there.  The whip part of it is
on my CQ since the original one there dry rotted and exposed the
spring base, so I would maybe get one of those shorty style whips
(masts?) either from an S2000 or aftermarket, if they don't suck, for
the CQ and put the regular whip on the 200q20v fender, if that
lower-than-designed location wouldn't suck either.  The spiral antenna
I have there now looks very 80's to me, most aftermarket retractables
are noisy (tap, tap, tap at the end of travel, in my experience), and
I already have had the (amplified) Fuba roof mount in my "inventory"
for years so I may as well use it.  If I use the Fuba, then I can just
use the cable that comes with it, but I haven't decided to go that
route yet.

By the way, what would happen if a Y-adapter was used to pipe both
antennae to a regular aftermarket stereo?

It would be a good time for me to deal with any antenna cable routing
issues, as I just received some S6 seats for the car that I want to
put in soon.  Too bad I didn't have them in the car for the Grand
Canyon trip.  I used to think my comfort seats were actually
comfortable, but now I think that they actually aren't.



On 7/17/06, Bernie Benz <b.benz at> wrote:
> What the whole shielded cable? Front or rear? Why?
> > From: "Kenneth Keith" <auditude at>
> >
> > I need a replacement cable for my rear antenna.  Anyone have one or
> > know where I can get one?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Ken

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