Avant owners please help.....

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 18 17:59:33 EDT 2006

You fried your motor, time to get a new one, could be relay but my BTDT was 
the motor.  Got a used one fromn Force 5

Subject- 1991 200 TQA 20V

Issue- During a fairly heavy downpour today, I wiped the rear glass and only 
through half the motion, the wiper is stuck in the up, vertical position.  I
heard some clicking in the relay area near my left knee, so I guess the 
relay is
engaging, but don't know why.  Is the wiper motor seized?  I can turn the
"clicking" on and off with the wiper stalk, just as you would turn the 
wipers on
and off, and the rear squirters still work.  I can also smell a horrible 
oder in
the cabin.....a cross between burning coolant and burning plastic.  This is
consistent with the timing of the rear wiper going dead.  I checked for 
leak, there is none....Seems like I'm burning something, somewhere....any 
much appreciated

Best regards to all,

Jim Fleischer

1991 200 TQA
1991 200 TQ Sedan

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