coolant leak

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Thu Jul 20 08:58:51 EDT 2006

Did you disconnect the "stalk" that holds the hoses up?  When I replaced
that turbo coolant hose, I had the radiator and all the other nonhydraulic
plumbing out of the engine bay, but I seem to recall doing something else
(thermostat?) once  before where I tried to move the pump and there wasn't
sufficient clearance to move it much.

Disconnecting the hoses isn't a big deal except for potential loss of
Pento$in.  You can use a turkey baster to suck most of the oil out of the
reservoir (yes, the filter basket WILL come out of the reservoir if you
struggle and cuss at it enough).  A handy compact container to stick the
hose ends into will minimize loss from the hoses, but expect a fair
spillage from the process of loosening the bolts.  

At 12:33 AM 7/20/2006 -0600, Ed Kellock wrote:
>A week ago Monday I had a small puddle under the front of the engine.
>Tonight I went digging for the rubber portion of the turbo coolant line.
>I have dismounted the p/s pump but it doesn't seem possible to maneuver it
>out of the way without disconnect the lines to the pump.  Is that necessary?

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