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When I did the radiator and all that stuff in there, Scott at SJM said pull the pump to make it easier, Just keep the hose ends above the resivoir and it will not leak all over. I covered the ends with sandwich bags to keep them clean. if you put them on the intake manifold ( a conveinent spot ) move them before closing the hood. (yes I did,ouch).
Keep the pump upright so it does not lose it's prime.

Chuck Pierce
91 200 20V Avant

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>A week ago Monday I had a small puddle under the front of the engine.
>Tonight I went digging for the rubber portion of the turbo coolant line.
>I have dismounted the p/s pump but it doesn't seem possible to maneuver it
>out of the way without disconnect the lines to the pump.  Is that necessary?
>The small rubber line seems to be intact.  I did not find any wetness.  It
>has been 9 days since the leak, but I haven't driven the car since either.
>If it is necessary to disconnect the p/s lines to get the pump out of the
>way, is that a big PITA?
>I seem to recall a post from Brett recently about this so I will go look for
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